Diesel Install Kits & Replacement Parts

Diesel Install Kits for 
Auxiliary & Transfer Fuel Tanks

Designed to connect your RDS auxiliary or RDS transfer diesel fuel tank to your truck’s fuel fill hose. Automatically controls the fuel level going into your OEM tank.

Works with RDS auxiliary fuel tanks, RDS transfer fuel tanks and RDS fuel tank/toolbox combos. Intended for diesel fuel only.

Works on diesel powered passenger trucks up through 350 or 3500 vehicle (not on diesel commercial/semi-trucks).

Kit includes hoses, clamps and fittings for easy installation. Made in U.S.A.

RDS #Description
011025Ford (1999-Current), Chevy/GMC (2011-Current), Dodge (1999-2012) 1½" Fill Line
011029Chevy/GMC (1999-2010) 2" Fill Line
011408Dodge (2013-Current) 1¾" Fill Line

Automotive Replacement Parts

RDS #Description
01143Antenna Mount
05441Cam Lock, with Key
00093Fuel Cap, Black Plastic, Threaded Type
011537Fuel Cap, Black Plastic, Threaded Type, Locking, with 2 Keys
06941Fuel Cap, Chrome, Compression Type
07058Lift Cylinder, 40 lbs, 12"
07958Folding 'T' Handle
08811Mat, Toolbox Non-Skid Liner, 15" X 62"
07332Installation Kit, Toolbox
05652Paddle Lock, Keyed
05653Paddle Lock, Not Keyed
07301Pickup Tube, 12.75" Tank
010635Pickup Tube, 16" Tank
010383Pick Up Assembly, Tygon - 24"
00924Rubber Seal, for Toolbox Lid, per inch
00102Roll Over Valve
011174Shut Off Valve
04107Tool Box Tray, Plastic
09506Tool Box Tray, Deep & Wide, Aluminum